Our strategy

Our research team understand the trends that shape real estate markets, and we leverage these insights to inform our investment strategy.

Using our proprietary rating tool, the GLL Real Estate Kite™, our research team assess quantitative and qualitative real estate performance data to position our investment strategies to capitalise on market shifts.

We do this by assessing:

  • Market liquidity
  • Leasing potential
  • Economic stability
  • Stability of returns
  • Price attractiveness

The combination of these five dimensions allow our teams to compare the market‘s required returns with GLL‘s expected investment return – providing a framework for a transparent, objective, and ongoing strategy discussion with fund managers and clients.

Further to the GLL Real Estate Kite™ GLL has developed a macroeconomic thematic approach – the 6 T`s.  Real Estate markets are underpinned by three key criteria – access to talented human capital, high quality transport and an ability to innovate through technology.

Please see the GLL Real Estate Market Monitor Autumn 2019.